Legal Services and Defender Services Professionals

XS/Group’s program for legal services and public defender organizations offers broad coverage at affordable rates. 

A few features of our program:

  • The policy is a claims-made policy, with full prior-acts coverage available. It pays 100% of defense and indemnification for covered claims made under the defense of contempt proceedings, and employment practices coverages, after the deductible has been satisfied.
  • No deductible is required.
  • Employment practices coverage promises to defend and indemnify the insured against claims arising out of employment practices, and does not limit coverage to specific employment practices.
  • The legal services organization has the option to purchase an extended reporting period of one year, when coverage is terminated either by the insured organization or the insurance company. With the endorsement in effect, the insurer would respond to any claims you report during the extended period that are based on events that took place while the policy was in effect. This provides important protection against claims that might be filed after your policy expires.
  • When outside referral coverage is purchased, the policy provides coverage for all referrals approved by the organization, not just referrals to organizations designated specifically by endorsement.
  • Protection under the personal injury coverage includes publications or utterances in the course of, or related to advertising, broadcasting or telecasting activities conducted on behalf of the insured. Coverage also is provided for claims involving alleged publication or utterances in violation of an individual’s right of privacy, and personal injury claims alleging mental distress, mental anguish, mental illness, or humiliation.
  • Professional liability coverage is extended to non-lawyer employees arising out of services rendered within the scope of such person’s employment, and does not restrict coverage to services performed while under the direction of lawyers.

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